I wanted to give my young grandson a gift – independence.
Until then he only played with whatever someone else handed him. He needed assistance from others with everything.

Just like Geppetto, who carved Pinocchio out of wood, I created the "Agilon". And when my grandson learned to move the wheels, a whole new world opened up for him.

Suddenly he could go wherever he wanted by himself, open drawers, take books off the bookshelves and play with other children – for the first time at eye-level.

When I built more and more accessories for my grandson, I understood how much I can improve the quality of his life.
I decided to do it for other children as well.

Dani Bachi ("Grandpa Dani").

We believe that each child with special needs has "special needs". Therefore we devote much thought and planning to both building the equipment and adapting it to individual needs. We have a wide range of accessories that facilitate mobility, sitting, standing etc. We produce all the equipment with many variations in order to accommodate each child. The process is accompanied professionally by physical and occupational therapists, with an emphasis on "user-friendliness".

We are aware of the financial difficulties involved in raising a child with special needs. Therefore our emphasis is on savings. We design equipment that can grow with the child and serve him for long periods of time. Because the equipment is modular, supports can be added or removed as necessary. The equipment can be easily washed and can be ordered with or without washable padding.