ost devices are made in several sizes, and may be custom ordered.




KAT-NOA - For mobility and play

The KAT-NOA is a combination SMALL WHEEL CHAIR and SUPPORTIVE CHAIR. A child can propel himself by moving the wheels, and can pick up by hand objects lying on the floor. Thanks to its small dimensions, it is easily maneuverable into narrow spaces, for reaching low shelves and closets - which encourages mobility and the sense of exploration. The KAT-NOA can be easily taken anywhere, thereby allowing children to join in social activity outside the home as well, or in floor games.

Adjustable components: Back support angle and distance from wheels, length of the KAT-NOA and spacing of foot support border.

Special order add-ons: Push handle for adults, waist support and upholstery.



Scooter - for easier mounting

SCOOTER BOARD for moving when lying flat on stomach, intended for those who cannot mount a regular scooter by themselves. Thanks to the pair of wheels mounted at the center of the ramp instead of at its end, the child may incline the cart to the floor and mount it by combining a crawling movement and dragging the cart under the body. The cart is self-stabilizing.

Depressions at the edges of the scooter and a pair of projections at the end make mounting easier.





Support Walker - for self mobility

The SUPPORT WALKER includes multiple adjustable, removable supports and straps - to fit the child's changing needs. Use of an adjustable bike-style seat (instead of the customary loin straps) makes it easier to place children in and out the walker. The foot separator board allows children who cross their legs to walk with no need for ties.

Adjustable components: Height and spacing of hip supports, height and spacing of loin support, dismantling let separator board, height, spacing and adjustment of forearm supports and hand hold bars, optional fixing of wheels in single direction.

Special order add-ons: Loin straps.


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Potty seat - for privacy and independence

The child is seated on the potty within a supportive seat, with no fear of falling. The seat height may be adjusted according to child size, and a closing rod provides stability in front.




Toilet accessory - For sitting safely in privacy

A frame-like accessory provides support on all four sides for the child seated on the toilet. The accessory is attached to the wall using screws. When it is unused it may be single-handedly folded and placed against the wall to allow others regular use of toilet. It is also easy to open single handedly.

Adjustable components: Frame size and distance from wall.


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