Most devices are made in several sizes, and may be custom ordered.




Adjustable Stool - for sitting and exercise

This ADJUSTABLE STOOL serves as back-less seat or as an accessory for physiotherapy exercises. It is adjustable to various heights and its inclination is easily changeable. A back rest with a pair of pelvis supports is available on special order. The standard seat is 11" X 16", but it is also available in other sizes.

Adjustable components: Seat height and inclination, back rest and pelvis support spacing.

Special order add-ons: Back rest with pelvis supports.





Adjustable Wheeled Stool - also usable by children

A Wheeled Stool with adjustable height and large wheels, allowing movement even in the yard. Handle bars allow children to be seated in a stable position, so as to also server as a front walker or mobile table.

Adjustable components: Seat height; add edge board when used as play table, lock wheels when used as a walker.




SHRAFRATZ - Convenience for care giver

The WHEELED STOOL is primarily intended for the adult caring for the child. Experience shows that the more comfortable the adult person is in moving without bending down or on his knees, the more time he dedicated to caring for the child and both of them benefit from it.

Standard SHRAFRATZ is 12" tall.