Most devices are made in several sizes, and may be custom ordered.




Ravgonit - Multi-purpose chair

Multi-purpose, supportive chair with removable table and wheeled platform. Exact and accurate adjustment of all chair parts allow for a stable sitting position and therefore better hand function: The chair may be places on the floor, on the wheeled platform for mobility, connected to a regular adult chair in order to allow the child to sit at the family table or to a mobile cart for mobility and support outdoors.

Special order add-ons: Adjustable head rest, knee supports, removable washable upholstery, additional side supports and pommel for separating the knees.

Adjustable components: Chair height (distance from foot rest), seat angle (forward or backward inclination), distance and inclination of back rest, height and spacing of waist support. Desk height, distance and angle.





Adjustable wheel chair - For a variety of ages

Adjustable wheel chair, including desk, supports and adjustments for personalized customization according to child's special needs. Allows for stable seating position with no need for improvisations and affords a sense of safety. The chair is intended for use on even surfaces, such as floors, and does not fold. The upholstery is removable and washable.

Adjustable components: Foot rest spacing, back rest spacing (seat depth) and angle of inclination. Height and spacing of hip supports, table height, distance from child and angle of inclination, length of hip strap.

Special order add-ons: Adjustable head rest, knee supports, additional side supports, round or triangular pommel, foot fixing straps, "butterfly" strap for chest support.




Gan Chair - all the children at the same level

The seat height over the floor is fixed (according to table height), but since children differ in size, it is equipped with a foot rest adjustable according to child size, so that feet always rest comfortably. The back rest may be conveniently moved, as are the pelvis supports.
The chair will not over-turn even when a child mounts the stepping platform unassisted.

Adjustable components: Stepping platform height, spacing and angle of back rest, spacing of pelvis supports.

Special order add-ons: pelvic strap, seat or back padding, head support, pommel, knee separator and thigh supports.






Wheeled Gan Chair - For more mobiity

This chair is the same as the Gan Chair, with the possibility of moving it easily from place to place.




Meeting Chair - For group meeting

The MEETING CHAIR has a simple adjustment of seat height above the floor as well as back rest spacing. The child is conveniently seated because it fit his body size exactly.

Adjustable components: Seat height, spacing and inclination of seat and back rest, spacing of pelvis supports and thigh supports.

Special order add-ons: pelvic strap, seat or back padding, head support, pommel and thigh supports.




Combination Chair - For stable sitting

With the combination chair the height of the seat can be adjusted to the table height for each child individually, as well as the depth of the backrest and the height of the footstep. The chair is stable and won't turn over when going up on the footstep.

Adjustable components: seat height and degree of inclination (optional front or back tilt), seat depth and degree of inclination for backrest, distance and height of pelvic supports and distance of thigh supports.

Special order add-ons: pelvic strap, seat or back padding, head support, pommel and thigh supports.


CI11 6 mobile


Riding chair - for upright sitting

The riding chair is intended for sitting with legs apart. The seat can be tilted to a forward inclination to cause the child to sit upright.

Adjustable components: Seat height and inclination, opening angle of foot and shin borders, spacing of back rest and pelvis supports.

Special order add-ons: A backrest with adjustable pelvis supports for improved stability.


CI12 CI12S


Wheeled Riding chair - For better in-room mobility

The wheeled riding chair allows for in-room mobility while seated with legs apart.
It may be forward inclined to achieve an upright body position, handle bars allow for a sense of safety.

Adjustable components: Seat height and inclination angle, back rest and pelvis support spacing.

Special order add-ons: Back rest with pelvis supports.




Corner Chair - for sitting on the floor

Supportive chair for sitting with legs extended in front, includes a table and head-support. The option to fix the table at various angles allows some of the children to better sit up straight and with head held straight.
The chair is ready for installation of straps to keep thighs next to the seat.

Adjustable components: Table height and inclination, hip strap and leg separator spacing.

Special order add-ons: Removable, washable upholstery.


9 mobile 10 mobile


High Corner Chair - For sitting next to the table

With the High Corner Chair, unlike chairs for sitting on the floor, the legs can be bent just like with a regular chair. Moving the backrest forward or backward enables perfect adaptation of the chair to the child's body. The unit includes a chair and tray with adjustable height and incline. It can also be used with a regular table, enabling the child to sit with his family. The chair is made in different heights, with or without wheels. The adjustable footstep enables comfortable posture for the feet.

Adjustable components: seat depth, height of footstep, height and degree of tray.




Low Corner Chair - For sitting in sandbox

A portable chair that can be easily taken everywhere. It enables the child to sit stably in the sandbox, on the lawn or the beach. Because of its small size the child can "feel like everyone".